An idea born during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic by experienced IT pros with the common purpose of providing quality, affordable solutions to small and medium businesses that had to quickly adapt their operations to challenges like the implementation of remote work without exposing themselves to security threats like hacker intrusion, ransomware, and business confidential information leaks. We specialize in Systems Administration, Systems Engineering, and Cybersecurity.


Our goal is to build and maintain the IT infrastructure of small and medium businesses the right way, focusing on the latest challenges and using the latest advances in technology to make sure you're thinking about making your business get ahead instead of the multiple roadblocks that come with a poor implementation of IT.


Privacy: We promote and implement the use of secure private clouds exclusively or combined with public cloud services. The cloud server can be either on premise, in a private data center, or both. Depending on the business needs.


Policy: We implement administrative security policies to IT systems and networks to provide ease of use, system uptime and prevent user misconfigurations and errors.


Protection: We’re proud to bring state-of-the-art enterprise malware protection to small and medium businesses at an affordable price. This protection differ from the typical Anti-Virus solution by containing unverified programs in a virtualized environment that cannot affect the endpoint until this program is confirmed as safe-to-run.


Backups: automated, verified, on-premise, full-system backups that can be recovered in record time and can even be virtualized ina hypervisor.


Support: you get access to our highly motivated team of experts for on-site or remote assistance to provide the best service you can get in our field.

"We built this company focusing on making a difference. We are highly analytical, very motivated problem solvers that want to provide your business with the solutions that today's tech industry has to offer."  - Ruben Mera

Challenge us! ask us how we can make technology work for you, the call and the evaluation is free.

Phone: 346-200-5566

Email: support@rmnitsolutions.com